Brad Pitt’s Airplane Incident Being Evaluated By The FBI

The alleged airplane incident involving Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their kids are being evaluated by the FBI whether to conduct an investigation or not.

Brad Pitt allegedly got wasted and went wild while on a private jet flight with Angelina Jolie and their kids last September 14th 2016, Wednesday.

Brad Pitt Lunged At Son

FBI deciding whether to investigate Brad Pitt over alleged airplane incident

In a statement, the agency said it is “continuing to gather facts and will evaluate whether an investigation at the federal level will be pursued”.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the FBI had been informed of “a child welfare incident” involving Pitt. According to the site’s anonymous source, the allegation involved… Read more at Mashable

Sources claimed that during their flight home from France, their son Maddox got on a heated argument with Brad Pitt. Then Brad Pitt allegedly ‘lunged’ at Maddox.

Brad Pitt ‘lunged at son Maddox when he tried to defend mum Angelina Jolie on private jet’

Brad Pitt “lunged” at his son Maddox during a flight on a private jet as the teen tried to defend his mum Angelina Jolie, it has been claimed.

The actor – whose wife Angelina filed for divorce and ended their 12-year relationship following the reported incident – is accused of being… Read more at Irish Mirror

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