The 24 smartest law schools in the US

USC Gould School of Law

Law school isn’t just a chance to train for a career in justice. Depending on where you go, it’s also an opportunity to live and study alongside some of the most intelligent and motivated students in the country. 

In conjunction with our recent ranking of the 50 best law schools in America, Business Insider compiled a list of the smartest law schools in the country, based on median LSAT scores. 

Using data from the American Bar Association, we found the institutions where students earn a median 164 — out of a perfect 180 — on the LSAT.

Harvard and Yale tied for the top spot with median scores of 173, followed closely by Columbia and Stanford at 171. Continue on to check out the full list of the smartest schools.

Additional reporting by Kaitlyn Yarborough and Alexa Pipia.

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University of Washington

Location: Seattle, Washington

Median LSAT score: 164

Bar passage rate: 84%

The University of Washington’s law library is among the largest on the West Coast with more than 650,000 volumes aiding the school’s nationally recognized Law Librarianship program. Nearly 70% of graduates of the public school secured jobs that required passing the bar.

University of Minnesota

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Median LSAT score: 164

Bar passage rate: 85%

The University of Minnesota Law School’s library holds one of the largest collections in the nation, with over 1 million volumes. The curriculum promotes experiential learning and offers 24 diverse clinical programs that more than 50% of students use to gain real-world experience with clients.

University of Notre Dame

Location: South Bend, Indiana

Median LSAT score: 164

Bar passage rate: 84%

The University of Notre Dame law school encourages students to extend their education outside of the US and offers several opportunities to study abroad, including stays at Notre Dame’s programs in London, Chile, or Italy. Grads join the ranks of successful alumni, such as Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan and Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano.

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